What You’re Doing Wrong In Real Estate Marketing


Are you a passionate go-getter, doing your all to succeed in real estate, but your marketing efforts seem to be falling on deaf ears? Welcome to marketing in 2017 and beyond. Customers are oversold, solutions are oversaturated and there is probably a company bigger and better that can also outspend you on their marketing dollars.

So should you give up? Throw in the towel on real estate marketing because it’s “too hard”? Please do, and do the rest of us a favor! We’ll be out here focused on how to innovate to solve our ideal clients’ problems that careless salespeople create. Or, you can keep reading and learn what you’re doing wrong in real estate marketing and how to fix it.

1. You only share pictures of empty houses your project manager takes.

Although your company may be churning out dozens of homes a year, you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t have a better strategy for engaging social media than simply “getting it done”. That includes finding creative ways to stage your pictures – not just with furniture, but with people.

If you’re not the person “on location” day-to-day, that’s ok! Engage the team that is there to help and inspire them with fun prizes based on social media engagement. A local professional photographer can be hired on for a reduced monthly rate for repeat scheduled work, or you can hire a local millennial as an intern.

2. You only call when you need something.

If you’re someone who says email marketing doesn’t work, my first guess at the problem is almost always that you’re a selfish emailer. Before you get offended, ask yourself: do you only send your list emails when you have a product to sell? How often do you send your lists emails with highly valuable content where you’re not selling anything?

Part of the impact of the social media revolution is that consumers are used to being able to create a real relationship with the brands they do business with. This real relationship is one where consumers have virtually unlimited options other than you, and they want feel special and valued. That means if you’re the type of brand that only calls when they need something – they have better options.

Make an effort to send your list highly valuable email content – which may be a video from you, a resource, or a sincere “How are you?” at least once a month to watch your future email efforts sky rocket.

3. You wouldn’t be caught dead on camera.

In an age of the “selfie”, if you’re too shy to ever get on camera, it can be pretty easy to get lost in the shuffle. With an overcrowded marketplace, it’s more important than ever to share your story, values and the “you” in your business. Not only does this help you stand out, you don’t really have a choice but to engage or be left behind. Businesses large and small are getting on board, so develop a strategy now to avoid getting left in the dust.

Before you go screaming for the door, there’s good news. Advanced smart phones have leveled the playing field and made it so basically can get on camera, and even on video. You no longer need to be perfect or perfectly photoshopped to succeed in your marketing. You just need to be the best version of you that you can possibly be for your clients, and make sure it’s in HD.

4. You’re scared to ask for reviews.

(Or too lazy.) Before you get offended, consider this. If there was one thing you could do that would create great marketing material and a warm lead for potential referrals, while generating potentially an infinite return all in one? What if it was something easy, that takes 5 minutes or less, and can be automated?

Setting up an automated review collection process can be one of the most valuable steps you ever take in your business. Your business’ reviews now populate the Google search and meet potential client’s eyes before ever even making a click. Create a process to make getting great reviews automatic to help improve your Google search without having to spend a dime on SEO.

5. You’re scared to market your services.

This may sound crazy, but there’s a real reality that you may simply be scared to market your services because of the flood of work the sales process will create if it’s successful. Too many clients can be a problem too, right?

While this is an understandable fear, challenge yourself to let the problem pay for itself and figure it out along the way. There’s always a chance the marketing flops, but you’ll never know if you pull the trigger. Opening up a flood channel will at nothing else help you iron out the leaks and be better prepared for the next time. Put together a goal, a timeline, the necessary pieces and follow up to pull it off, then pull the trigger and get marketing. Worst case scenario, you’ll hire help! (We can help you with that. Contact us if you’re having issues with this.)

If you’ve gotten to the end of this list and let out a sigh of relief because you’re only guilty of one or two of these cardinal marketing sins – I’m about to deflate you. These are easy ways to do FREE marketing better. So while you’re running on the treadmill to make more money to feed your marketing machine, other people are cleaning up the leads you are sloppily leaving behind. (Fo FREE.)

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Vera Alexander is the resident Marketing Strategist at REM. When she's not crafting her next presentation to blow minds at our next Mastermind, she helps business owners create successful marketing systems.

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