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No one has ever said real estate is an industry for the weak at heart. Between constantly trying to make new contacts, engage old ones and do the actual work to service the clients, of course, it can feel like an exhausting hamster wheel. To make it even harder, in our digital world, customers expect near 24/7 service. Now more than ever, If you’re not optimizing available time saving technology, you’re not only losing money, you’re falling behind.

That’s why no real estate business owner should be without an arsenal trusted time saving tools. Entrepreneurs in real estate and beyond today have a bevvy of available software, resources and tools to save time – and money.

Check out the list of some top recommended tools below to help you save time and get more done.


Edgar – Edgar is a powerful tool for the social media go getter with absolutely no time – it automates content type posts for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It will post a link to a cool blog and even ask a question on your behalf on up to 25 social media accounts for only $45 a month. If you don’t see the value in this, just trust me. Anyone who has spent more than a few hours trying to come up with content for social media in a month is currently running to check it out.

HootSuite – Hootsuite is the industry standard in scheduling out your content across multiple platforms, and while you may have signed up for it once – odds are you’re not leveraging all it has to offer. The customizable dashboard makes it easy to see upcoming content scheduled across an unparalleled array of different social media networks, and it’s nearly universal application makes it much easier to plan cross-platform campaigns.

Later – If you’re someone who hates Hootsuite, meet Later. Later is the younger, cooler, Mac to HootSuite’s Microsoft. Later’s claim to fame it’s easy to use visual, drag-and-drop scheduling ability. Although it’s not quite as universal as Hootsuite, it offers social media advanced scheduling for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.

Followers – Working on building your Instagram? An easy way to help monitor and track your followers, engagement and more is an app for your phone called Followers. Although you’ll need to invest $.99 here and there to access some of the best parts of the app, they are worth it. There’s lifetime metrics for your best & worst posts, most & least engaged posts, best followers, secret fans and more. Download it!

Audience Gain – Another Instagram service, Audience Gain is an easy way to help add followers to an existing growth strategy. You can purchase followers starting at $8 for 500, WARNING: While these followers are guaranteed to be real people who will follow and like your posts, they are not guaranteed “Ideal Client Curation”. (Although they do offer a “US Only” option for a $10 upcharge, don’t waste your money. It doesn’t seem to make much difference.) Yes – you’ll need to do additional legwork to create great content, pick great hashtags and curate ideal clients following you on Instagram. No, nothing in life worth having is free.


LastPass – Have an assistant, VA or team? You cannot afford to be without LastPass. LastPass allows you to securely share password information with team members – without ever letting them see the actual password. It’s a lifesaver. Just try it.

Slack – Slack is heralded across the board as a powerful communication tool because it uniquely allows you to have conversations relating to single topics with multiple teams – completely online. This is perfect if you have different departments or projects that have multiple team members involved.


TaskRabbit – Stop doing the things you don’t have time for with TaskRabbit. Whether it’s picking up a birthday cake, organizing your closet or garage, or even packing to move – you can get it done on TaskRabbit for a reasonable rate. Have an assistant? Have them manage the people from TaskRabbit for you, so their time can be better spent on projects that will actually improve your life.

UpWork – If you don’t know about UpWork yet, it’s safe to say you’ve probably never hired a virtual assistant. To this group: please run to grab a notepad and immediately start writing down all the things you wish you didn’t have to do. These will function as some of your first tasks to assign to your new virtual assistant. The rest of you have no excuse. Upwork is a great tool that makes it incredibly easy to hire incredible talent. While you always get what you pay for, the global marketplace of freelance talent and tools to track and manage their employment is unparalleled. Start using it!

HireMyMom – Looking for high quality help in one or more areas of your business, but only in a part time capacity? Check out HireMyMom.com, a website that helps connect “retired” moms who used to be bosses in their industry before making the move to stay home with their kids. They get to work from home, and you get high quality help at a discount. Win-win.


MailChimp – Is this your first time doing online marketing? Are you doing this with a team of 3 people or less? Have a small budget? If you said yes to either one of these options, MailChimp may be for you. MailChimp is the industry standard in beginner CRMs for great reason – it’s simple, easy and FREE to use. (Yes, we said free – to start at least. Payment grows with usage) It also has nearly universal syncing ability with other programs since it’s the big boy on the block in it’s space. This makes it easy to use other programs with it as well as grow out of it – should you ever need to.

Insightly – If you’re a new or beginning business who is familiar with MailChimp but are looking for a beginner friendly CRM, try Insightly. Insightly is consistently reviewed across the board as one of the easiest CRM’s to use, but it has many of the features of some of the big boys. Although their customer service is non-existent unless you’re a paying customer (downside), you can hack this by contacting the sales team to answer your questions.

Podio – If you’re a bigger business who is ready to grow, try Podio. For those in search of value, it’s pretty hard to beat Podio’s combination of features and price. Although the set-up can be a little daunting for the tech-challenged, Podio is a great tool that allows for near complete customization. This can be a problem if you want something done-for-you and can’t afford to outsource, but otherwise, this is definitely the CRM that “could”. Podio syncs to just about every other app, service or software on the web, especially through Zapier (mentioned below).


Calendly – Stop wasting time going back and forth setting and rescheduling meetings. With one easy link, you can provide potential or existing clients a 30 second way to get on your calendar. Calendly isn’t free if you want all the coolest features, and it isn’t the only service on the block to help automate scheduling, but it’s seamless integration into Google Calendar makes it an easy starting place for anyone who is looking to get more efficient.

Zapier – Zapier is software that helps apps talk to each other. For example, if you’d like your new contact who filled out a MailChimp contact form to be added to a Google Sheet? Or your Infusion LeadPage to sync with your Kajabi shopping cart? One Google Sheet to another? Zapier can make it all happen and more.

Pixabay – A one stop shop for free stock media that doesn’t suck, Pixabay is a wonderful resource for any business. Although stereotypically awful, stock photos and video are a necessary evil. Pixabay has a huge vault of material, available for download in multiple sizes and resolutions.

TeamViewer – This is a great remote training tool that allows you to not just share screens, but mouses with the person on the other end of the line. This is particularly powerful if you’re training someone how to do something from afar, or if your assistant calls you to say they “don’t know how to” complete a task you’ve shown them how to do four times. WARNING: When you link via TeamViewer, your “meeting buddy” can also temporarily access the files on your computer, so you don’t want to go hooking up to any random web stranger on the net. There are webinar (WebinarJam) and meeting softwares (Zoom) that are better suited for that.

Kajabi – Tired of explaining the same FAQs to your customers over and over? Try creating a video series for them to go through instead! Kajabi (and other, cheaper services like it) make it easy to create, manage and sell video training courses and subscriptions online. While this makes it easy to become an educational guru in your space, it also offers a great option for client fulfillment. Imagine as a RE Agent if you never had to explain the escrow process again, or as an investor if you could stop repeating your buying criteria to wholesalers. With Kajabi, create a video with the same content instead, and give your clients free access with a simple password. Now, you can direct them with an email, text, or click of a button to get the information they need – without having to waste time repeating yourself.

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