How to Take a Working Vacation

Working Vacation

How To Take A Working Vacation

With the holiday season upon us it is time for a little rest and relaxation. As an entrepreneur, we don’t always have the luxury to completely unplug for a whole week or more. In fact, about 662 million vacation days were left unused last year (American Vacation, 2017). Fortunately, the American workplace is starting to adjust its views on working vacations to accommodate the entrepreneurial lifestyle. If you are looking to capitalize on this new trend during the holidays, here are some of our best tips for taking a working vacation.

First, prioritize the work that you would like to get done during your vacation. Try creating a general outline of the meta tasks that you would like to work on and then organize your goals based on what needs to be finished first. When things inevitably “come up” while you are away, a priority system will help you better manage where the extra work falls in your timeline. Organizing by priority will prevent you from getting bogged down with the details and give you more time to actually vacation.

Before you head home, make sure that you delegate responsibilities across your team. Give each team member specific tasks and a desired outcome you want to see when you get back to the office. Try making a simple chart of the overall projects and each person’s role in the timeframe you will be working from home. This tactic will give you peace of mind that what needs to get done is being completed and allow you to focus your energy towards the work you have prioritized.

After you have prioritized and delegated, set boundaries for checking in with your work and team. Even though we are all tethered to our electronics, don’t spend all day checking emails on your phone or taking phone calls. When it comes to checking in with your team, analyze the level of supervision they really need and clearly communicate your level of availability during the time you’re away by setting up a schedule for your check-ins. How do you want to be contacted? When do you want to be contacted? Try setting up a specific time for a daily check in. Ask that your employees come ready with any questions or concerns they might have. Creating a clear system like this will help you maintain a healthy work-vacation balance and ensure that your team feels comfortable while you are away.

Even as a busy entrepreneur, it is essential that you give yourself time to relax and recharge before the start of the New Year. By prioritizing your workload, delegating the rest, and setting clear boundaries for your team, you will be able to have a restful and effective working vacation.

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