How to Build and Keep your Dream Team

Dream Team


Finding your perfect team is one thing, but keeping employees on board for years to come isn’t as easy as you think. Here are some of our tips for building and keeping your dream team.

Finding Them

Customize the application process

The application process is the first step to building your dream team. With so many job-search websites available, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the number of applications that flow in when you post a new position. If every application starts to look the same, try adding a specific task for your applicants to complete in their application. For example, have them answer a few relevant questions in their cover letter. This will help weed out the people who are mass-applying to jobs and allow you to focus in on the candidate that are really excited about the position.

Choose people you WANT to work with

The old “who would you want to be on a layover with?” trick is valuable when you’re building your dream team. Someone could have degrees from both Harvard and Yale, but won’t be able to get along with your team. Learn how to invest in people with good character instead of those who look good on paper. Skills can be taught– it’s harder to change people’s personalities. Plus, you will get the added bonus of being a mentor to an employee and watching them grow!

Trust your Intuition

This tip goes hand in hand with choosing people you want to work with. If someone gives you a bad vibe in an interview, trust your gut. You didn’t get this far as an entrepreneur by questioning your intuition. Chances are that someone who is negative during the interview won’t suddenly become positive when you hire them– no matter how qualified or experienced they are.

Keeping Them

Keep them Engaged

Gallup polls tracking employee engagement over 17 years show that about 50% of the workforce are “passively disengaged” in their jobs. This statistic refers to the employee who shows up, waits for 5 PM to come, and does the bare minimum. They feel stuck and are unmotivated. The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen with your employees is to regularly display their opportunity for growth. If an employee has been doing a good job, make a point to ask them if they have any ideas to expand the position. Ask them if they have any suggestions to improve the business. Make sure that they know they are a valued part of the process and keep them excited to find out how they can change every day!

Give them responsibility

The best way to keep an employee happy and engaged is to create a learning environment where they always feel there is an opportunity to grow. Show them that their efforts are noticed and appreciated by assigning new responsibilities regularly. If an employee completes a project well, try having them be the “head” of the next project. This will ensure that employees know they are valued and keep them motivated to do a good job.

Open communication

Open lines of communication are the key to keeping your dream team. A healthy and thriving workplace has open doors and no secrets. Create an environment where all of your employees feel comfortable coming to you with questions or suggestions. Not feeling heard is one of the biggest reasons people leave jobs, so try to regularly check in with everyone. Ask the questions you might not want to hear the answers to and ACT on them if you need to. If you demonstrate the value of keeping things out from under the rug, your employees will follow and keep the operation humming. Once you Attract the right candidates by trusting intuition and investing in people, you will retain team members by showing them they are valued. If you follow these simple suggestions you will be able to find and keep your dream team!

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